Geological and Geophysical Investigations in the Arctic and Global Priorities

Geological and geophysical studies in the Arctic and adjacent territories are a strategic priority for the Russian Federation. They are included into the development strategy of the Arctic region of the Russian Federation as well as are part of the national security program for the period until 2020.

Leadership Positions
World Leadership Positions
  • In geodynamics of the Arctic region and tectonics of the continental shelf
  • In the preparation of the application before the UN Commission for the determination of the outer limit of the continental shelf in the Arctic Ocean
  • In the study of petroleum potential of the northern regions of Siberia and the arctic seas
  • In the studying diamond and xenolith geochemistry of the subarctic part of the Siberian platform, deliniation of new diamond rich regions
  • In the research of technical diamonds of the Popigai crater and in the experimental modeling of the diamond formation processes
Experimental Base and the Database
  • Unique equipment for paleomagnetic experiments
  • The most complete basis of paleomagnetic data for the Arctic region
  • More than 30000 meters of drill samples from main sediment basins of the Arctic
  • Unique experimental base to study diamond formation and experimental synthesis of nano-policrystal diamonds
Broad International Cooperation
and the potential for its further development
Researching the Arctic. A new laboratory has been opened at NSU

Areas of Research
Creation and development of an academic center on the Samoilovsky Island polar station
This Center will make it possible to provide a unique possibility for bachelor and master course students specializing in geological and geophysical investigations of polar regions, to take active part in research of the Arctic on the year-round working polar station. The goals of the Center are: technical and methodological support of fundamental and applied research in the multidisciplinary area of Earth sciences concerned with the polar regions of the Earth (polar geology) with direct participation of NSU students; practical training for students on the basics of safe research in conditions of the arctic climate zone.

Geodynamics of the Arctic region and tectonics of the continental shelf
This project is based on geological and structural data collected by the StrAU's staff during the last 15 years and on the use of the paleomagnetic method. The latter can give a quantitative estimate of horizontal drift of earth crust blocks in the geological past. We have created a model describing the tectonic evolution and paleogeography of ancient continental masses in the Arctic and substantiated that justified the existence of the composite Arctida continent, as well as reconstructed its initial structure. These results have been used by the Russian Federation in the application before the UN Commission for the determination of the outer limit of the continental shelf in the Arctic Ocean.
Oil and gas fields formation conditions in the Russian Arctic
The study of petroleum potential of the northern regions of Siberia and the arctic seas, development of models for hydrocarbon resources fields, integrated study of over 30 000 meters of core samples from wells from the main sedimentary basins of the Arctic.

Geophysics of the permafrost zone and geophysical exploration of arctic territories using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)
The development of: UAV complexes for magnetic, gamma spectrometric, gas and terahertz surveys of difficult to access territories; specialized processors for data processing; new materials and energy accumulators for UAVs. NSU students will be active in innovation developments, as well as during field testing, as part of their practical geophysical training and work experience internships.
Formation of diamond, rare earth and gold ore deposits in the Arctic, mineralization processes in the Earth crust and the mantle
Experimental modeling of diamond and gold formation processes and deep magmatism. Detection of new diamond and gold bearing regions in the cis-arctic part of the Siberian platform. We use a unique experimental base for performing studies of mineralization processes in a wide interval of P-T parameters and modern instruments at the Analytical center of IGM and NSU.

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Михальцов Николай Эдуардович
Матушкин Николай Юрьевич
Костиков Василий Константинович
Valery Vernikovsky
World-renowned specialist in the field of geology, tectonics, geodynamics and petrology of folded-mantle belt of Siberia and the Arctic. Organizer of international geological expeditions on Taimyr, Severnaya Zemlya, Novosibirsk islands. The results of works on the Arctic conducted under the guidance of prof. Vernikovsky were used in the application before the UN Commission from the Russian Federation for the determination of the outer limit of the continental shelf in the Arctic Ocean. On February 9, 2016 Valery Vernikovsky was a member of the Russian delegation on the 40th UN Commission in New York, where the application was presented.
Nikolay Dobretsov
One of leading researchers and scientists in the field of geology, mineralogy, magmatic and metamorphic petrology, tectonics and geodynamics. He played a significant role in the creation of the theory on metamorphic facies and formations; development of ophiolites petrological models; geodymanic models of ancient and modern subduction zones' formation; deep-seated geodynamics and global changes of the natural environment and climate; in verifying the leading role of plumes on the plate tectonics, metallogeny and Earth evolution. An expert in the area of geodynamics and the complex analysis of geology-geophysical data as well as the models of Central Asia, Siberia, and the Arctic region tectonic evolution.
Aleksey Kontorovich
An outstanding scientist in the field of theoretical and applied tasks in geology and geochemistry of oil and gas, leading organizer of complex research in the area of oil and gas geology, strategy and development programs of oil-gas and coal complexes in Russia, global challenges in the power economy development. Founder and the first director of the Oil and Gas Geology Institute SB RAS. He conducts research on the basis of naftidogenesis, geochemistry of carbohydrates and hydrocyclic oil compounds, developed the nonlinear theory of naftidogenesisas the process of carbohydrate matter self-organization in the sediment basins, and found the main features of naftidogenesis evolution in the history of Earth. He has studied the global patterns in the distribution of the initially explored oil, gas and bitumens deposits based on main stratigraphical complexes from the Riphean until the Neogene inclusive, the unevenness in their distribution in the stratigraphical systems. Government awards: order "Merits for the Fatherland" III (2009) and IV degree (2004), international order "Effective cooperation between Russia and Sweden" (2006), Higher National Order of the Public recognition of citizens' services and achievements GREAT RUSSIA "PERSONALITY OF EPOCH" (2007 ). Russian Federation Government award for the scientific explanation and discovery of oil and gas richness of Siberian platform Precambrian (1994), Russian Federation Government award in the field of science and technology in the creation of the development strategy of the gas industry in Russia (2002)

Mikhail Epov
World-renowned specialist in the field of geophysics and geophysic methods of exploration. Mikhail Epov's works on modeling, analysis of electromagnetic fields and their peculiarities in multiscale environments (e. g. rocks) has been recognized all over the world. He is a member of the international award fund "Global energy", member of Euro-Asian geographical community the board. During the recent years Mikhail Epov acted as the initiator of a series of innovative projects in the field of geophysics (non-pilot flying platforms for magnetic filming), as well as in biophysical application (instrumental diagnostics of the pancreas). In 2011 Mikhail Epov was awarded International prize in the field of scientific research "The Name in Science". In 2010 he received the order "Merits for the Fatherland" II degree and in 2014 order "Merits for the Fatherland" I.
Nikolay Sobolev
The leading world specialist in the field of of diamond and mantle xenolith from kimberlites petrology. For many years he is investigating mantle xenoliths and inclusions in diamonds of practically all world deposits. He has published numerous works explaining the genesis of peridotite and eclogite inclusions in diamonds as a result of multistage processes of magmatism and mantle metasomatism. He was the first to describe unique diamonds of Kokshetau metamorphic complex. He is a laureate of the USSR State award (1991), Lenin award (1976), Humboldt prize (FRG, 1996), has been awarded the medal named after A. G. Wagner of the FRG Mineralogical society. Moreover he has been awarded the highest prize of the International Mineralogical association – IMA Medal "For outstanding achievements in the field of mineralogy" (2014). He has the highest Hirsch number among all Russian scientists in Earth sciences.
Nikolay Pokhilenko
The leading specialist in the field of diamond and mantle xenolith from kimberlites petrology. He has explained the origin of many types of xenoliths from kimberlites, including cataclastic heavy silicates and polymict breccias. Nikolay has worked in leading world centers such as Carnegie institute geophysics laboratory. He has extensive experience in prospecting works in diamond deposit in Yakutiya, is the discoverer of numerous kimberlite pipes and diamond deposits in Canada. His contribution into the forecasting and discovery of the Archangelsk diamond rich province was awarded a prize (1989). Pokhilenko has been awarded the honorary degree "RF Honorary geologist" (1996) for the development of methodology to forecast and search for diamond deposits. He is also the laureate of the international diamond prize named after Hugo Dammetto.
Vladimir Kashirtsev
Vladimir Kashirtsev conducts research in the field of regional oil and gas geology, tries to define the conditions for the formation of natural bitumens and oil shales deposits in Yakutia and other regions. Works researching geological composition and geochemistry of oil and gas rich complexes of Siberian platform East part has been conducted under his supervision. Such works made it possible to estimate oil and gas richness not only of Western but also of Eastern Siberia. The main research activity is linked with the study of organic geochemistry of molecules-biomarkers in dispersed organic matter of fossil deposits and their evolution in the process of oil and bitumen formation, such scientific focus helps in the successful development of a new research field, namely the reconstruction of the conditions underlying oilproducing sediments formation according to the molecule-biomarkers composition. Member of the American association of oil geologists (since 1992) and the European association of geochemists and organic chemists. Vladimir conducts consultations for such international companies as «British Petroleum», «Maxus», «Shell».
Dmitry Metelkin
Leading specialist in the field of geotectonics and paleomagnetism. Expert in the area of paleomagnetic research of the Central Asian, Siberian and Arctic regions dealing with historical and geological challenges as well as building paleotectonic, paleogeographic reconstructions for the late Precambrain and the Phanerozoic periods. He played a significant role in paleomagnetic verification of complex paleotectonic reconstructions and models of Russian Part of the Arctic Shelf structure formation. Dmitriy has taken part in multiple Russian and international geological expeditions to the Arctic.
Yury Palyanov
Specialist in the field of experimental mineralogy of high pressures, technology of high pressures, growth, real structure and properties of crystals, modeling the processes of natural mineral formation. The main scientific and research results of Pal'yanov deal with the experimental modeling of mineral formation processes in the Earth mantle and the growth of diamond crystals. A unique research and technological complex of extra-high pressures on the basis of the installation BARS has been created under his supervision and personal participation. Models for diamond genesis in the deep magmatic and metamorphic processes that were experimentally validated have received international recognition. Yuri's research conducted together with his colleagues in the field of diamond growth led to important practical achievements, such as growth of high-quality diamond monocrystals up to 6 carrat in weight as well as their application in highly-technological areas of science and technology.
Konstantin Litasov
One of world-leading specialist in the field of experimental high-pressure petrology. Expert in the field of high-pressure physics, diamond and mantle xenolith petrology, over-pressured minerals in meteorites and impact rocks. Konstantin has conducted first experiments in systems with different volatiles at pressures up to 30-35 hPa, has established fundamental differences in behavior of system C-O-H volatiles at extra-high pressures. He has also explained the mechanisms of melting migration in the deep Earth mantle.
Ivan Koulakov
Leading world specialist in the field of studying multi-scale geological structures using the method of seismic tomography. The Koulakov's group pays special attention to the research in the structure and peculiarities of various world volcanoes functioning. Every year they set up new seismic nets on active volcanoes of Kamchatka. The most detailed tomographic model of the Arctic mantle has been created under the supervision of prof. Koulakov in order to solve a lot of geodynamic challenges such as tracking the Icelandic plume trace under Greenland.
Mikhail Buslov
One of world leading specialists in the field of regional geology and tectonics of Central-Asian fold belt, geological mapping, geodynamic and structural analysis of fold regions. 5 PhD dissertations in Russia, 3 in Belgium and 1 in Japan have been successfully defended under Buslov's supervision as well as more than 25 Bachelor and Master theses. Buslov's tutees have high qualification and successfully conduct their R&D at the institute of geology and mineralogy as well as teach at Novosibirsk State University.